About us

Harley Hearse offers an alternative to the mainstream traditional funeral service.

Pay tribute to your loved one’s passion for riding motorcycles. A biker’s funeral is about celebrating the life of the rider, not mourning their death. Our service is for those who ride, for those who always wanted to ride, or for those who want something unique and memorable for their last journey.

Harley Hearse is a South Australian family-owned business operated by Tim Dickson. Tim has been riding bikes for over thirty years and is an active member of Hog International and Adelaide Chapter. Tim is a fully trained funeral director. We can take the time to ride down your favourite road or past a sentimental place. This makes our service unique.

Pre-plan your funeral to ensure your final wishes are implemented, saving your family the emotional strain of decision making. Pre-paying is a cost effective way of hedging against higher future costs, saving your family any financial burden at the time of arranging the funeral proceedings. Pre-paid funerals plans are held with Funeral Plan Management, a division of Lifeplan.

Motorcycle hearses are not new

Funeral customs and rituals tend to evolve with time and reflect the culture in which they’re practiced. Today people are wanting their funerals to reflect their life, the meaning of their life.

These days a whole host of different ideas are available for funerals and adding a special touch to a funeral service is the perfect way to pay tribute to a loved one. From natural burials and funeral services at football grounds, yacht clubs or private homes through to unusual forms of funeral transport, it’s possible to arrange a fitting tribute that’s uniquely suited to your loved one.

The memory of a motorbike enthusiast can be honoured and commemorated with a motorcycle hearse.

Motorcycle hearses are not new. They have been in existence since World War II when they are said to have been used to carry bodies back from the battlefields. However the idea really only launched into the funeral industry in the late 1990s.

The usual design is either with a modified sidecar, or pulling a trailer bearing the coffin. In the United Kingdom the trend is for a trailer platform with various forms of cover due to weather constraints.

Motorcycle hearses are not just for bike enthusiasts

Many bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts love motorcycling because of the freedom of the open road and for many, a traditional funeral service does not appeal. Arranging for them to make their final journey in true biker style is the very best way to acknowledge the freedom that motorcycling brings.

Choosing a Harley Hearse funeral is a great way to express their individuality.

Your loved one’s biker friends can be part of that final journey too as they’ll be encouraged to ride behind the hearse, making an eye-catching yet dignified send-off.

It’s important to remember that the funeral cortege is the ‘public face’ of the funeral and Harley Hearse will provide tasteful, dignified transport as the best way to give a fitting tribute and a final send-off in style.

Although a motorcycle hearse is the ideal funeral transport for a bike-loving individual, in our experience these unusual hearses are becoming more and more popular amongst a wide range of people.

Whether your loved one rode a motorcycle their entire life or you are just looking for a more unique way to remember them, it is our belief that a Harley Hearse provides a classy alternative to transport your loved one to their final place of rest.

Harley Hearse provides you with a means to personalise a funeral service and break free from tradition.