Polish up the Harley Tim

By Simon Perrin on February 26, 2014 - Category: blog

hh-blog-photoPeter was waiting on our doorstep when we arrived at work. We first met Peter at a Harley Hearse funeral for his friend. Then again, at the Harley Hearse funeral for his best mate. This time he wanted to give his brother, Mark, a final farewell in the same style, on the Harley.

Pete rides a trike. He rode the trike in the cortege at his best mate’s funeral, along with about 30 other trikes and bikes. His brother loved to ride on Pete’s trike, and Pete thought it would be a fitting tribute to his brother, for us to escort him on the Harley.

The funeral started at the Sensible Funerals chapel in Ridleyton. Their large, diverse family gathered for an intimate, quiet time with Mark. One of the brothers sang a beautiful Cat Stevens song as they sat in quiet reflection. Six members of the family carried Mark out to the Harley to the tune “Angel”, by Sarah Brightman. Once securely in place, the Harleys set off for Enfield.

The crowd outside the chapel heard the Harleys arriving and made a path, like a guard of honour for Mark.

On the lawns outside the chapel, another of Mark’s brothers released some racing pigeons, symbolising Mark’s freedom.

Then the coffin was carried in through the front doors of the chapel to an Ed Sheeran song, led by flag bearers and family members holding photos of Mark. Once the coffin was in place, the flags were draped over the coffin and photos placed around it.

Pete chose to conduct most of the service himself. Family members and friends were invited to share their stories and memories. A DVD of photos of Mark’s life personalised the service beautifully. The service concluded with family members circling the coffin and pausing for a minute of silent prayers for Mark and a traditional “Mark wave”.

In the lounge, a Harley memorial book soon became filled with condolences and tributes to Mark for the family to take home.

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